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Ninja code - Crafting ideas with technology and imagination. We make web a better place. We take your business to next level by adding real values to our clients by creating integrated campaigns with your customers and rapidly ignite your online visibility.


Who We Are?

Ninja Code - Crafting your ideas with imagination & technology. We create Experiences. We offer Web Services and Web Solutions to clients around the globe.

You will always have our undivided attention. A touch of innovation in every design helps us stand apart from the rest.


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What we can do for you?

Design & Layout

We offers web development services that cover Websites that make the website informative and captivating., Blogging Service, Content Writing services, Designing of the Website, SEO and many more.

Search Engine Optimization

Fully handle your SEO campaign including making technical adjustments in site code, Link Building, and ultimately dramatically increasing your profitability.

Google Ads

We use premium Keyword Finder, Google Keyword Planner & many more tools which will help your & keyword to rank better on Google.

Social Media Marketing

Full Social Media Management services. Transform your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and increasing followers.

Graphic Design

We offer clean, clear and unique print designs with your company’s image in mind. Whether you are interested in creative logos, marketing brochures, businesscards , newsletters etc, with 12+ years experienced professional.

Re-Platform or Migration

Migrating your Website from Domain to Domain OR Hosting to different Hosting OR Blogspot to WordPress Migration without loosing SEO/Rank in Google @ very cheap price.


Why customers loves us?

We push all boundaries of creativity. We are relentless in making things happen and bringing ideas to execution. We're a small yet highly qualified team with creative and innovative ideas and processes.

We take upon us the entire responsibility for quality, budget & work schedule.
Reasonable Price: Provide efficient & dedicated support around the Globe.

Our clients

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